We are FGA

Full Gospel Assembly is a church chosen by God. In 1996, through the power and revelation of the Holy Spirit, the founding fathers of FGA received the vision of an Antioch church. They obeyed and followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit by sending out missionaries to build new churches.

“In days to come Jacob shall take root, Israel shall blossom and put forth shoots and fill the whole world with fruit.” -- Isaiah 27:6. This was the promise of God for FGA received by our elders and leaders of the previous generation. Just like Jacob inherited the promise God gave Abraham, we too now inherit this vision from our spiritual leaders. The Antioch Church vision has been ongoing for 22 years and we still believe this will and promise of God has always been for us. As the younger generation of FGA, we are blessed to inherit this spiritual inheritance! It is time for us to return to this promise of God, working with the Holy Spirit; we believe He will lead FGA into a new wave of revival!

Dear family, in God’s glorious plan, His promise is for all of FGA; different satellites, outreaches and languages as well! The Antioch vision is a dream that belongs to all of us and it is time for us to embrace it again as one FGA. Each of us are like different parts of the body but we are all a part of this big spiritual family; ‘We are FGA’.

For it is God, who has chosen you and placed you in this big family of FGA; that we would go out and share the gospel and it would bear fruits so His name will be glorified in all the earth.

We are FGA, We are One.

Our honour, our pride!